Small HydroElectric Plants

CleanPower Ltd. provides reliable and integrated solutions across all the range of its clients on projects related to hydropower.

For example:

  • Provisions of hydroelectric projects, small hydroelectric plants and pumping-storage works
  • Preliminary, design construction and operation
  • Environmental planning of hydroelectric facilities
  • Supporting and research (topographical, geological, geotechnical, hydrological, climatic, electrical base load and peak)
  • Planning water reservoirs
  • Design of power production systems including the individual technical structures, water intake, tunnels, regeneration reservoirs, penstocks, power station, canals and escape tunnels
  • Design of pipeline flow, pipeline coating
  • Design of power plants
  • Supply Systems
  • Installation of hydroelectric stations
  • Maintenance
  • Networks

Small Hydroelectric Plants Reference in cooperation with SIFAKIS ENERGIAKI S.A.