CleanPower Engineering Ltd. is a technical company specialized in Renewable Energy Sources.
The company:

  • has its own production of solar trackers for photovoltaic plants
  • acts also as an installer and constructs small and medium-sized photovoltaic and hydroelectric plants.

It has:

  • developed with its own expertise,
  • constructs in its own facilities and
  • delivers on request

various models of solar trackers.

CleanPower Engineering is one of the pioneers in constructing small and medium-sized PV projects in the Greek territory since 2006, and today has grid connected more than 5MW photovoltaic plants and more than 10MW hydroelectric plants.

CleanPower Engineering offers solutions:

  • on design
  • on installation
  • on a turn key basis
  • acting as a «one stop shop» for the investor, thus reducing any delays and variations can be made by mixing various scholars and / or contractors.

The company is exclusively cooperating with companies as BP Solar and Schott Solar.


CleanPower Engineering Ltd. was founded by Dipl. Electrical Engineer Glarakis Menelaos and Dipl. Civil Engineer Agzigiokaroglou Michael, to provide integrated solutions for RES projects (photovoltaics, small hydro, etc.). Read more…


CleanPower Engineering Ltd. has received several certifications including the following:

Certificate ISO 9001/2008 for design, installation and technical support of solar trackers and photovoltaic units – trade of solar trackers. Read more…