The company’s activities include the design and / or the installation of:

Photovoltaic Plants up to 5MW (commercial PV)

Commercial PV

CleanPower Engineering Ltd. is active in the field of PV since 2000.
Solar energy is a renewable energy and gives us energy solutions environmentally friendly.
CleanPower Engineering Ltd. provides reliable and integrated solutions to all of its customers: large variety of products in photovoltaic pilot systems and accessories thereof with the installation and services at competitive prices. Read more…

Grid connected commercial PV installations reference

Commercial PV installations-photo gallery

Photovoltaic Installations up to 10KW (domestric PV)

Domestic PVCleanPower Engineering Ltd. undertakes the entire range of processes from design, licensing, supporting the financing, procurement and installation of domestic photovoltaic systems.

Grid connected domestic PV installations reference

Stand alone PV installations reference

Domestic PV installations-photo gallery

Stand alone PV installations-photo gallery

Private Electric Power Transmission Lines for Grid Connection

Private Electric Power Transmission LinesCleanPower Engineering Ltd. undertakes the implementation of private Electric Power Transmission Line projects for Grid Connection of renewable energy plants.

Power Transmission Lines’ installations-photo gallery


Small Hydro-electric Plants up to 5MW

Small Hydroelectric PlantsCleanPower Engineering Ltd. provides reliable and integrated solutions across all the range of its clients on projects related to hydropower. Read more…

Small Hydroelectric Plants reference (in cooperation with SIFAKIS ENERGIAKI S.A.)

Small Hyrdoelectric Plants-photo gallery

Infrastructure of Wind Generators

Infrastructure of Wind GeneratorsCleanPower Engineering Ltd. undertakes the implementation of infrastructure projects of Wind Generators.

CleanPower Engineering Ltd. offers solutions on a turn key basis acting as a «one stop shop» for the investor, thus reducing any delays and variations can be made by mixing various scholars and / or contractors.